The Pool App

TurfHop Team

The Pool App

Custom Pool Construction and Servicing Software

The Pool App is owned and operated by two Alabama based companies. Both companies are 100% employee owned and committed to the success of our clients and the services we provide.

We created this software platform to provide companies in the world of pool construction, service and cleaning the means to have a program that directly enhances their bottomline and improves their day-to-day operations. To find out more about what our platform offers, read below or Contact Us.

The Pool App
The Pool App 2
The Pool App

What It Offers

Pool Construction

The Pool App software was engineered to handle the Pool Construction process from initial inquiry to final invoice and payment. It can also seamlessly transition a Pool Construction Customer into a Cleaning Customer or allow the Customer to submit a Ticket for any needed service work.

Once a pool is built, service on that pool is inevitable. The Pool App allows companies to manage and schedule those service orders for both current or new customers with minimal effort. Assigning services orders or re-assigning orders to different technicians is as simple as a couple clicks.

Pool Cleanings are one of the most profitable recurring service needs in this industry; The Pool App software allows business owners the ability to schedule and manage those cleanings with ease. From scheduling to re-scheduling, preparing and sending invoices to receiving payments, The Pool App does it all.